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News coming soon on new apps

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Shortly, there will be new apps we endorse and recommend because we use them ourselves effectively. Watch this space!
100% Untrasonic Toothbrush for dogs

Read a YouTube by its Cover! Thumbnail Blaster DEMO

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Stoica and Vlad did it again. They added a new perl to their string of video/youtube programs, that support your business and get free traffic from your videos. Read a book by its cover? In the publishing business, in the 18 hundreds, books were sold by mail order. People got a page with titles in the mail, or through a representative, you traveled the land. A book was read by its cover, so to say. They tracked which books sold best. And when they did not sell well, what did they do? Throw it away? no! They changed the title […]

Lifetime.Hosting is back with another incredible Hosting offer.

Richard Madison is back with new lifetime.hosting offer I got their offer last December – and am really happy with it. I tend to recommend what I use and what works. There is a good comparison with other hosting services on the salespage: Check it out at this link: It comes with a fat pack of bonuses. Be well. Richard **

Did you see this post on Collaboration tools? Get the PDF right here!

Working from home? When working in smaller or larger teams, the challenge is always staying on the same page. Many of us work from home, or in some other remote way. When you partners are around the world, how do you stay on the same page? Some say it is easy. Well, it is not. Some big companies started to peddle back from their working from home strategies, such as IBM, Honeywell and Yahoo. The fast exchange is important. 12 Free Tools for Remote Developers and Designers In case you do work from home or remotely- how can you stay […]

Instagram Tsunami Training

Need Traffic? Instagram Training – 2 for 1 Weekend Deal! Buy the Insta Tsunami Training and get Video Views Tsunami training for free! What you get in the Insta Tsunami Training: 8 videos Setting up instagram for your business Your Profile page Finding content Hashtags Getting to 5000 followers fast If you are like me, I am always looking for more quality traffic. You are already using Facebook. Now did you know that Instagram has 52x more engagement than Facebook? So if you are not yet leveraging Instagram yet, you are missing out on a big traffic opportunity. This training […]

[Emergency Webinar Tomorrow] $30,000,000.00 (Yes $30 Million System Revealed)…

..Richard de Laat here guys, you may also know me from myonlinebusinessbrain.com. Quick message about Paul Lynch’s announcement that I wanted you to be aware of! I highly recommend joining this webinar as you can – great gifts and a real business opportunity. Last week we had to turn away people – with a limit of a 1000! Paul wrote: Last week I sent out an email that showed our stats from what we have been able to generate in the last few years from these companies that you might know… …because of the amazing response I got back from […]

Connect Explore is closing down. Get it with my SPECIAL 8 Bonuses right here

ConnectExplore. Over the last few days you must have had a few emails letting you know about the special offer for ConnectExplore – a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of interest-based targeting (= easy way to turn your campaigns into profits). If you are still on the fence – don’t be. I personally have bought and use all of Wilco’s products – and no, not because he is Dutch born like me! He simply thinks deeper and creates solid products that help your internet business, and reduce your Facebook costs, that seem to just be going up and […]

Lifetime Hosting? Unbelievable service at this price.

Could not believe my eyes when I saw this hosting offer! Just started is the launch of Lifetime.hosting.2 by Richard Madison – in the picture – and they really stacked the deck. As I am just running out of space on my Godaddy account, and want to sell me a new cpanel hosting, as the current one is “full” – well, it is not – but Godaddy uses the number of files on the system as measure – not the total filesize, which can be unlimited. I had not appreciated that to the fullest, until I got my newketo family […]

OPTINS X ENGAGEMENT X CONVERSION = POWER PROFITS – Notification Solution of the next generation

Notification Follow up Funnels with push notifications of the next generation. I have been looking at / eying push notifications for years, as they come by my over-busy internet marketing email box. I kind of yawned, some of them looked interesting but always lacked something. Then looking at push notification services, my hair went up, as we say in Dutch. Clearly something only big businesses can afford. This week a new one came along that perked my ears. It is kind of the Active Campaign in in the push notification world. Automation build into your notification campaigns. Tracking and a […]

Commission Cartel Affiliate Marketing – Closing soon. Quick Review – Grab it with my bonuses before it closes

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[or_row][or_column width=”6/12″][or_title text=”UmVkaXNjb3ZlcmluZyBBZmZpbGlhdGUgTWFya2V0aW5nOiBDb21taXNzaW9uIENhcnRlbCB3aXRoIEJvbnVzZXM=” type=”h2″][or_column_text] Studying Internet Marketing, affiliate marketing is standard food for most of us. This week Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel affiliate marketing package (Click Link to see it here) came through in email. My eary peak up when I see Michael’s mails – they are funny, very British and he is an authority in affiliate marketing. For 9.95 he offers a fresh approach to affiliate marketing that you can start to implement right away. I listened to the audio (it comes with video, paper and audio versions and I was really surprised about the key pointers…