OPTINS X ENGAGEMENT X CONVERSION = POWER PROFITS – Notification Solution of the next generation

Notification Follow up Funnels with push notifications of the next generation.

I have been looking at / eying push notifications for years, as they come by my over-busy internet marketing email box. I kind of yawned, some of them looked interesting but always lacked something. Then looking at push notification services, my hair went up, as we say in Dutch. Clearly something only big businesses can afford. This week a new one came along that perked my ears. It is kind of the Active Campaign in in the push notification world. Automation build into your notification campaigns. Tracking and a host of dream functions included. So I got it and implemented it immediately. It is called LetReach

Look at this video of how you can create a funnel with the automation feature:

Have a look at the website on which I an writing this post. It really works as it says on the  box. http://xiberinternetmarketing.com. Feel free to go and sign up there as well.

This week it comes with a very affordable OTO1 agency license, including the strategies to sell this as a service to your customers.

Think about that. Unlimited domains, unlimited customers. Unprecedented, I have never seen that before at this price.

OTO2, “The Academy” is a full training on how to use a proven sales process to make sure you can sell the benefits at the best price possible.

Check it out. I am a happy customer, and you can be, too!

Wish you good business.



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