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Over the last few days you must have had a few emails letting you know about the special offer for ConnectExplore – a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of interest-based targeting (= easy way to turn your campaigns into profits).

If you are still on the fence – don’t be. I personally have bought and use all of Wilco’s products – and no, not because he is Dutch born like me! He simply thinks deeper and creates solid products that help your internet business, and reduce your Facebook costs, that seem to just be going up and up.

Today is the very last day you can get a lifetime account. After today, there’s no going back.

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So… this is it… You have until midnight (EST) to decide:

To sweeten the deal, I have a special bonus for you. When you buy through my link below, you get member access to, with use of the following 8 programs to boost your internet marketing efforts:

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Talk soon,

Richard de Laat

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