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Read a YouTube by its Cover! Thumbnail Blaster DEMO

by admin
Stoica and Vlad did it again. They added a new perl to their string of video/youtube programs, that support your business and get free traffic from your videos.

Read a book by its cover?

In the publishing business, in the 18 hundreds, books were sold by mail order. People got a page with titles in the mail, or through a representative, you traveled the land. A book was read by its cover, so to say.

They tracked which books sold best. And when they did not sell well, what did they do? Throw it away? no! They changed the title of the book in the catalogue, until it sold. That is where copywriting started…

Now over to the youtube age. When you google something – which video do you click first? The one with the attractive thumbnail, right? So the thumbnail is the new copywriting title. Keep it, it will get stale. Change it regularly, you get a chance of getting new attention.

Thumbnail Blaster does exactly that – and makes it really easy, as well. Thumbnail Blaster:

  • • Connects to your youtube account
  • • Gives you tons of templates to choose from for almost any imaginable market.
  • • Comes with an editor to edit the templates
  • • Allows you to download your designs
  • • Will actually replace the thumbnail on the video you are working on.


Do they have any upgrades? Yes, there are:
  • Pro version – The students who upgraded to PRO saw a 10x increase in traffic after unlocking the PRO features.
  • Agency – This is the FASTEST and EASIEST Way To Start BANKING With Thumbnail Blaster… starting with Tomorrow
  • VIP Template club – they want to give a select few of you the opportunity to keep pace with the rapidly changing trends in design and video marketing… so you can always be one step in front of your competition!
See my demo below.
When you look at this, imagine how fast you can starting to change your YouTube thumbnails, or those of your clients.

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