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News coming soon on new apps

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Shortly, there will be new apps we endorse and recommend because we use them ourselves effectively. Watch this space!
100% Untrasonic Toothbrush for dogs

Read a YouTube by its Cover! Thumbnail Blaster DEMO

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Stoica and Vlad did it again. They added a new perl to their string of video/youtube programs, that support your business and get free traffic from your videos. Read a book by its cover? In the publishing business, in the 18 hundreds, books were sold by mail order. People got a page with titles in the mail, or through a representative, you traveled the land. A book was read by its cover, so to say. They tracked which books sold best. And when they did not sell well, what did they do? Throw it away? no! They changed the title […]

Connect Explore is closing down. Get it with my SPECIAL 8 Bonuses right here

ConnectExplore. Over the last few days you must have had a few emails letting you know about the special offer for ConnectExplore – a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of interest-based targeting (= easy way to turn your campaigns into profits). If you are still on the fence – don’t be. I personally have bought and use all of Wilco’s products – and no, not because he is Dutch born like me! He simply thinks deeper and creates solid products that help your internet business, and reduce your Facebook costs, that seem to just be going up and […]

OPTINS X ENGAGEMENT X CONVERSION = POWER PROFITS – Notification Solution of the next generation

Notification Follow up Funnels with push notifications of the next generation. I have been looking at / eying push notifications for years, as they come by my over-busy internet marketing email box. I kind of yawned, some of them looked interesting but always lacked something. Then looking at push notification services, my hair went up, as we say in Dutch. Clearly something only big businesses can afford. This week a new one came along that perked my ears. It is kind of the Active Campaign in in the push notification world. Automation build into your notification campaigns. Tracking and a […]