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When you follow the process of Internet Marketing, or marketing in general, you will end up with copywriting. You need a salesletter. Your product needs to be brought to the audience. You have to convince them that the product or service you sell has all the features and benefits that meet their needs.

The Sales Letter Copy writing Recipe

Copy writing is hundreds of years old. Before the Internet it was a key element in the 4P’s of Marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). This now translates into Product, SalesPage, Salesbutton and Traffic. So we talk about SalesPages. Internet Marketing made into a science. Technically, you follow a step by step recipe that covers all the important points you have to cover: (example shortlist example from Alex Jeffreys)

  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. Proof
  4. Proof of Income
  5. Testimonials
  6. Undeniable System
  7. Why the product was created
  8. Product Introduction
  9. Benefits
  10. What you get
  11. Overcoming Objections
  12. What you will discover
  13. Bonuses
  14. Guarantee
  15. Call to Action
  16. Postscript

Quite a list. And it gets more complex, depending on the Place you offer your product or service.

Next Hurdle: Sales Letter Variations

Once you think you are done, the next hurdle comes up. Depending on where you “Place” your sales letter, customer behavior dictates to lengthen or shorten your sales copy. The length can also be dependent on the kind of product. Some products need a lot of Proof. John Carlton, the father of sales copy, says somewhere in his book “kick-ass copy writing secrets” his best letters were really long. Still, long does not work when you want to grab attention on facebook, or Twitter, where the importance of a good title/headline and the right keywords comes into play. You need all kinds of variations, based on the same core data. Here you need a solid systematic approach to save you time, and through that, money.

Making Copy Writing easier: The Rhino Copy Writing Method

Being far from an expert, I went through a long list of books on copy writing, giving advice on how to do which part, how to write hypnotically, compelling, convincing. Each time however, you have the challenge of deciding what do I use for what purpose, in what sequence. After testing a series of tools, ranging from simple Video Sales Letter creators to more integrated systems, I finally landed with Ben Atkins’ approach which really takes the complexity out of copy writing. You do the homework once, and have full flexibility to use it in a range of contexts.

Checkout the Rhino Copy Writing Method.

Give this free training a spin and see how much you can learn from Ben. It comes with an excellent outline that you can start using right away. And if you are like me, and want to take the complexity out of copy writing, get off the ground fast, have full flexibility, this is the first place to go.


Recent Links:

I like the art and science of copywriting. So while I feel I have found the ultimate approach, I still like to dig in and enjoy sales copy – whether watching the best ads on TV, or reading about it, or even checking out latest youtube posts. Here are some recent links that you might find worthwhile:

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