Lifetime Hosting? Unbelievable service at this price.

Could not believe my eyes when I saw this hosting offer!

Just started is the launch of by Richard Madison – in the picture – and they really stacked the deck. As I am just running out of space on my Godaddy account, and want to sell me a new cpanel hosting, as the current one is “full” – well, it is not – but Godaddy uses the number of files on the system as measure – not the total filesize, which can be unlimited. I had not appreciated that to the fullest, until I got my newketo family fully set up with themes and plugins. So suddenly I am “full” after adding my coconutoil site, which has plenty of images and files!


Serendipity sets in – here comes this offer. It comes with several OTOs:

  • OTO1 tripples everything for just twice the price
  • OTO2 gives you SSL certificates forever, moving your site service and backups (cost  me all extra with Godaddy)
  • OTO3 and OTO4 are about reselling.

This was a no brainer. It seems that companies predict, as usual, that technology gets cheaper according to Moore’s law, and they buy in customers – where Godaddy is still on their established base. This is a shared server solution – as is mine at Godaddy.

Another opportunity – in case you need a domain name to handle your emails, as we do in the 4% Group with Vic**, this is a cheap option forever.


Check it out at my affiliate link right here! It comes with a fat pack of bonuses.

Be well.



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