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Copy Writing Made Easy Free Course & 6 Cool Links

When you follow the process of Internet Marketing, or marketing in general, you will end up with copywriting. You need a salesletter. Your product needs to be brought to the audience. You have to convince them that the product or service you sell has all the features and benefits that meet their needs. The Sales Letter Copy writing Recipe Copy writing is hundreds of years old. Before the Internet it was a key element in the 4P’s of Marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). This now translates into Product, SalesPage, Salesbutton¬†and Traffic. So we talk about SalesPages. Internet Marketing made […]

Welcome to Xiber Internet Marketing!

I am exited to post this first post on xiberinternetmarketing.com. After years of dabbling in internet marketing, it all starts to make sense now. 7 years of learning, starting, stopping, restarting has cost me a lot of time and definitely money. I sometimes feel I have the biggest museum of tried and tested applications, courses, systems, approaches. Now it is time to give it a shape and direction. I will share with you my experiences, good and bad. Bring offers to you that I feel are valuable, and look for your input and feedback. On top of that, expect that […]